Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered on our website or in this FAQ, please get in touch and we will try our best to provide a response.

How soon can care begin?

We often arrange a meeting with a client within 12-hours of our initial correspondence. This allows us to plan the right care package for you efficiently, ensuring the programme of care begins within a timeframe that works for you.

What care packages do you provide?

We work to the philosophy that people’s care requirements are as diverse as their personalities, so no two Cambrette Care packages are the same. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and capacity to create a care package that is tailor-made to your individual requirements. This can be anything from basic domestic assistance, all the way to 24-hour care.

Do you employ foreign staff?

We are an equal opportunities employer. We welcome nurses and Carers of any nationality to join our team. Individuals with sufficient spoken and written English skills and relevant skills will be considered.

What happens if the client and Carer do not get on?

As part of our care process, we match clients to the team of Carers we think is most suitable. We will do our best to ensure our clients are looked after by people they look forward to seeing. However, if things aren’t working, we encourage clients to get in touch.

Will the same Carer always undertake care duties?

We appreciate how important familiarity and
continuity is to many of our clients. We organise each client’s Carers into Care Teams, and while our staff are all extremely reliable, they do take holidays and are occasionally sick – they’re only human! In these cases, our Care Teams mean we always have alternative cover with a Carer the client is already familiar with. We will always inform the client of any change to the roster.

Will the Carer arrive at the same time every day?

Once a client’s person centred care package has been established we aim to ensure it is protected. However, if anything unforeseen happens that will disrupt the care routine, the client will be notified immediately and arrangements will be made to minimise the impact on care.

Are your staff checked by the Criminal Records Bureau?

A Criminal Record check is compulsory for all staff joining our team.

Do your Carers do housework?

Our Carers are there to provide care under the client's unique care package. This includes cleaning and other household tasks in some cases.

Are your Carers able to use cars other than their own?

Our Carers are happy to use client’s cars provided they are serviced regularly and have the correct insurance in place. If the client does not have a car, our Carers will use their own car and an additional a petrol charge will be payable.

Can your staff give medication?

Any medication requirements are assessed as part of our person centred care packages.